Many thanks to Zeenat and Stuart today for bringing the missing dimension to our work with our Year 11s. Today’s meditation and mindfulness workshops have really helped our students – and many teachers. They were really practical and all the exercises were linked to real-life situations that our students are facing – especially the looming examinations. We’re now going to work out when we can get you back to work with the staff!

Thought you'd like to know, just caught up with one of the Y10 boys re meditation he said "it was actually really good. It's helping already and I know how to keep using it. Every one should do it. Seriously, we all need it."

Background to this student: ….... is a student who has been at risk of permanent exclusion and attends the PRU 2 days a week. He has had loads of counselling and anger management support for his temper and behaviour choices. These have been going on since Y7. This is the first aspect of support I've ever heard him be positive about. I'm really excited. Thank you. 

Zeenat Hashim - Testimonials

Staff Comments

I decided to attend Zeenat's meditation sessions as I thought it would be something useful to help me relax during school time. I am the sort of teacher who rarely takes a break during morning break or at lunchtime, working continuously throughout the day. I really enjoyed meditating with Zeenat with her guided breathing and audios. After each session, I would always was slowly and calmly to my form room and feel far more refreshed and in control. I felt sharper during lessons and laughed more. Actually when I reflect like this it really does make me realise what an impact it had on the rest of my teaching day. 

I enjoyed Zeenat's sessions so much that I started to practice meditation for 10 minutes at home every day. Zeenat made me realise that when I was stressed at work, I wasn't breathing correctly.She taught me that I can meditate anywhere, even walking down a corridor, controlling my breathing. I feel the sessions have had a real impact on my ability to calm myself and handle day to day things better. Let's face it nowadays teaching can be a stressful job, especially if you want to make a difference.I feel Zeenat has helped me make  a difference in my life.So thank you Zeenat, I cannot recommend your sessions highly enough!

Working in a secondary school and dealing with students who have behavioural issues, I found my meditation sessions with Zeenat to be invaluable. I was previously a sceptic, but  I found the sessions enabled me to be very motivated and helped focus my energy. They helped me to be more relaxed in a very busy working environment. Her relaxation techniques helped as a coping mechanism for stress, which in turn increased my productivity around time management and planning.  I would recommend Zeenat's meditation sessions to all as they have positive effects.

Working in a school, there is always a lot to deal with, so attending Zeenats Lunchtime Meditation Club really became a welcome half hour of tranquillity in my otherwise busy day. Zeenat has a really calming aura and her guided meditations were especially good. Her meditations helped me to destress and relax. I also found that I could focus better in the afternoons. Highly recommended.

Student Comments

When I get angry now- I remember what you taught me.  I think of my feather and it brings a smile to my face.

I feel so much calmer now. I am able to slow down and keep in control. I know that when I use the strategies that Miss taught me, I feel much better.   

I did much better in my exam because I remembered the techniques that I have been taught by Mrs Hashim.  The strategies work- I felt much more in control before I walked into my exams and when I sat the papers.  

Mrs Hashim is the calmest person I know. When I listen to her I immediately feel more relaxed. 

The mindfulness and breathing techniques helped me when I was in my exams. It cleared my head of the stress and calmed me down. I was able to do the exam in a more relaxed way. Even in exams where I was more pushed for time, it helped me zone in on the questions a lot more. Normally  I would get stressed out by a question- but now I knew the answer was in the back of my head somewhere.

Stuart Bold - Testimonials

Stuart's approach is neither spiritual nor religions; just very practical for today's lifestyle. You will hear the term 'evidence based' again and again describing how results are achieved. This, as well as Stuart's background as a city solicitor, makes the workshops extremely relevant to the participants.          - Company Director

I will gladly testify that your workshops are brilliant. We were 8 people for a 5 hour workshop where every participant afterwards said they wanted to sign up to regular classes with Stuart. Everyone started meditation on a regular basis after this one workshop. It was truly incredible.                                -  Managing Director

The area of mindfulness is a rapidly growing one. The first set of meditation and mindfulness classes launched last year by Wellbeing Escapes (held with renowned meditation teacher Stuart Bold) were a huge success, with an astounding 100% of those that attended claiming to have learned a new life-skill. With huge demand for more mindful experiences, this is a trend with real staying power.              - Sheerlux magazine – Feb 2014  

Thank you so much for a great afternoon. I really found the course worthwhile and must admit, even surprised myself that I could focus on one thing for 8 minutes! 
- Project Manager

Thank you so much for the course, I found it really inspirational and some of the gems of knowledge you imparted are already helping in my every day life. And, I am now practicing meditation every evening which I already find beneficial.                                                                                                                            - Lawyer

The teaching I received from you was excellent. I found I was able to relate very well to the unique teaching methods and the underlying concept of simple, credible, easily learnt techniques, focused on health and wellbeing and cognitive function. This entire approach and your personal teaching, together with the secular approach taken, made the teaching easily assimilated and the entire experience very enjoyable and beneficial.                                                                                                                                               - CEO

The session has been excellent and I feel it is exactly what I needed. It has been structured and presented in a way that really works for me.                                                                                                                                        - Bank CEO

I am most impressed with what I have learnt in just one session and I definitely look forward to further sessions.                                                                                                                                                                                        - Ex Deputy PM (non UK)  

Thanks for the session today. Apart from personally finding it highly useful and enjoyable, I was quite staggered by how much the participants enjoyed it and engaged with your teaching. The feedback is excellent.                                                                                                                                                                                       - Professor, UK University  

From being a total sceptic, after just one evening, I became intrigued and fascinated. Thank you.               - UK GP