Our Programmes:

We tailor our programmes to the needs of schools.

Some of our main options include:

  • Introductory ‘taster’ sessions of around an hour
  • Half day and full day concentrated programmes
  • Full experiential programmes, delivered over a period of six weeks
  • Off-site residential workshops
  • Advanced programmes

What We Offer:

Professional mindfulness and meditation programmes for both students and staff. Particular benefits for students- better performance in lessons and exams, with the ability to cope better with anxiety, anger and stress. Improved learning ability: general performance, cognitive functions, behaviour, emotional resilience, emotional intelligence and self-esteem. A variety of delivery options including workshops and experiential programmes. 

Our Approach:

Secular, evidence-based, practical, down-to-earth, modern, easily learnt and applied.

Focus on health, well-being, cognitive, educational and performance outcomes - plus personal well being, self-esteem, communication skills, relationship skills, emotional and mental resilience.

Based on a wealth of experience in delivering programmes in the UK and internationally, our school programmes have been specially designed to support students and staff and to enhance performance through the learning and application of simple, effective and 'down-to-earth' meditation and mindfulness techniques.